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Think of your favorite artists, I'm sure you have looked up their song on youtube and seen the music video along with it.

Now you get one of your own!

Why a Wedding Music Video?

Rather than watching a super long, uncut, and simple wedding video with one angle, let me create a dynamic, emotional, and FUN wedding music video!

By combining all your special moments into your very own music video, starring YOU and your partner. We like to call it the Wedding Music Video or "W.M.V" for short!

What makes us different?

 Our Wedding Music videos are anything but boring. We provide many features such as:

      -Multiple cameras and angles                                       -Interviews with guests / bridal party

      -Candid and posed footage                                            -Professional Editing services

      -Audio upgrades for Ceremony                                     -Custom Transitions / Music 


 Your video will be your style. I have worked with many different industries prior to weddings. I can shoot a traditional softer elegant video, an upbeat/party style. Or anywhere in between.

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