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Does your company or small business need event coverage? I can do that!

Masterminds, Retreats, Speaking Coverage, or Conference Coverage. 

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Content is king, and creating videos that showcase your event, conference, or mastermind. I can help share your goals, and vision with the world.

While keeping videos digestible and fun, I believe that is a huge factor to our success.

Let us create your next event highlight! Contact us today!


Testimonials are a powerful way to connect with your employees and help create trust. Interviewing guests at the event is authentic and can give you insight into what parts of your event were best!


Interviews are a great way to showcase or highlight and individual, product, or new project. Adding a professional touch with the framing, location, and audio can help create that quality feel, building your credibility and report with your clients. 


Let us Capture your event and create a narrative that will entice others to join your cause.

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