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OVERVIEW: Shelley Maes is a local the owner of Self Image Beauty ♡ She is a global Lash Educator and Life Coach. We have worked together on a few occassions to create content for her personal and business platforms. Inner beauty is the real beauty and Shelley is the epitome of it all!

SERVICES:  Photography / Social Media Content / Videography


For this promotional video we wanted to keep it very Vlog style with Shelley herself creating the script and voice over. I wanted to give it that raw homemade type of feel with a few hero shots. We shot at 3 locations on two different days.


The color edit was meant to be a bit raw and saturated as to give it that clipped together home made feel.


In the end, Shelley really did an amazing job allowing me to capture her "Self Image" and hopefully inspire others to try her course!

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